Wood Storage Bin Plans



Organize Your Wood Shop, Perfect for the DIY Woodworking Enthusiast!

Wood Storage Bin Plans in downloadable pdf format. A project you can build to keep your woodworking shop neat and tidy!

Any woodworker knows that you always have a bunch of leftover scrap wood laying around. It can be a pain to have it stacked and leaning up against the walls, but it’s worth keeping around because you never know when you need it. It always seems to be in the way of what you need and you can never find the scrap piece you want to use! Now, you can have a rolling cart to keep all of your scrap wood organized and accessible. If you need it out of the way, simply roll it to the other side of the garage or onto the driveway.

These plans include many detailed diagrams, photos and instructions, explaining each step very clearly. All materials can be purchased at a hardware store. The cost to build this wood storage bin is approximately $120 depending on local prices. (Recent lumber shortages may impact pricing) This is simple to make, one person working alone can easily complete it in less than one day.

Plans include:
– Cut dimensions for all pieces
– Tools, Materials and Quantities list
– Step by step assembly instructions

Get your shop organized and cleaned up today!


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