What we sell are designs that show how to build fun and exciting woodworking projects.  You buy the wood and materials from your local building materials store, the plans show you how to cut it and assemble your project!  The plans come with all cut dimensions, step by step assembly instructions, helpful tips and a full list of materials to purchase. Plans will be available for download after purchasing.

If you’re unsure about taking on the project yourself, we recommend seeking out a handyman or woodworking shop in your local area to complete the project for you.  You could have them complete the whole project for you, or simply have them cut the wood for you and then you assemble the bed yourself.  Many customers have successfully had a bed built for them this way!

These projects are designed for entry level to intermediate woodworkers.  No complicated woodworking techniques are involved!  Generally speaking, if you can cut wood and screw it together you will be able to build one of these beds.  We are always happy to answer questions along the way as well, so feel free to reach out during your project!

No, we only offer the plans for sale.  We do not build beds or supply any of the materials for the project.

Purchasing a custom theme bed can easily cost several thousand dollars, sometimes up to $10,000!  The plans we offer will help you save thousands of dollars since all you need to purchase are the building materials for the bed.

We are happy to supply you with the materials list prior to purchasing the plans so you can price out the materials locally.  Please contact us and we will send the materials list to you.

It is easy to adjust your project to accommodate a different size mattress.  All you need to do is measure your mattress and compare to the mattress size in the plans.  If your mattress is 15” wider than the mattress in the plans, you simply increase the width measurements for your cuts by 15”.  The same would apply for a longer mattress.  If you have a smaller mattress you would just need to reduce the measurements in the plans.  If you are building for a larger mattress you will also need to add some vertical supports under the mattress to help support it.

The plans show all the dimensions and wood cuts necessary to construct the bed, along with how to assemble the bed.  Lighting plans are included in the Tractor Bed plans, but not in other plan sets.  Details like paint colors and decals are intentionally not included in the plans in order to allow the customer to come up with their own ideas for how to decorate and accessorize their own theme bed.  As you can see in the photos, our customers have come up with many awesome ideas!

One person working alone can typically build one of these beds in about 80 hours.  Some beds take less time, some take a little more time.  Beds with large wheels or more trim pieces will take a little more time.

It can vary slightly depending on which bed you are making, but the typical tools you will need are a circular saw, miter saw, jig saw, drills, sanders, pneumatic brad nailer, and painting supplies. Some beds will require the use of hole saw bits.  For beds that have tires, it is recommended to use a router with a circle jig for the tires in order to get the tires perfectly round

Due to all the differences in lumber and mattress dimensions around the world, it is unfortunately not possible to create plans that would work for every country.  The plans are designed for Imperial Units and standard U.S. mattress dimensions.  Many customers in metric countries have successfully built beds by utilizing an online converter for the measurements.

The plans are only offered in English, we recommend using an online translator to understand the plans if necessary.  Many customers have successfully built these beds using one!

Unfortunately, since we sell digital downloads we cannot accept returns. However, if you changed your mind on which project you would like to build we are happy to offer an exchange for a different set of plans at no charge. Please contact us if you would like to exchange plans.